• Entry through front door only

  • Please be ready to give contact details to staff on entry for track & trace

  • Please wear a face mask on entry to the pub and for any movement around the pub, this can only be removed when you are seated at a table

  • Please do not stand around the bar, full table service is in operation

  • Children and dogs are allowed but we do ask at this time to keep them close to you and your table at all times.

  • Social distancing is enforced in all areas of the pub

  • We are running with a reduced menu to minimise waiting times

  • Tables can be for a maximum of 6 people only

  • Use one way system at all times - NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Follow signage around the pub 

  • Please use sanitiser stations around the building

  • Only sit at an empty and clean table, please do not sit at dirty tables, staff will reset tables - ASAP

  • Please pay by contactless methods whenever possible

  • Food is cooked by social distancing chefs, it may take longer than before

  • Toilets are one in and one out where possible

  • Please follow instructions from the staff at all times


If our guidelines are not followed, you will be asked to leave.